Monday, 4 March 2013

Now Accepting Tribute

As we all know, good BDSM Equipment doesn't come cheap, and cheap BDSM Equipment doesn't come good!

As equipment costs a pretty penny, it is beyond difficult for independent students like myself to keep up with bills, tuition, rent and books, while juggling these other huge expenses.

That said, I am currently receiving Domme training under Toronto's Mistress Jasmine Jade- I am very grateful for this opportunity and am doing everything I can to make the most of it. 

ANY AND ALL help/assistance towards collecting BDSM Equipment and fetish-wear is greatly appreciated.

In return, anything purchased for me will be photographed while in action, and will be sent with a personal thank you note to the buyer. Should the buyer wish, I will post the photos on my blog and websites crediting them with the thank you note as well.

You may find my wishlists under "Pages", and categorized by intent- Everyday, Domme Training, and Toys.

Should you be feeling particularly generous and want to give me a helping hand elsewhere in life (i.e. pay off student loans, buy groceries, cleaning supplies, pay rent, etc.),Amazon Gift Cards and Paypal Tribute (as well as fan mail! I love emails!) can always be sent to

PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING FOR ME OR SEND ME TRIBUTE- This way I can give you a proper thank you! Anonymous gifts and donations are always welcome to those who prefer it.

Love to all,

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