Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Now Switching at Kink Den! PLUS new measurements/photo update.

Well, you guessed it!

I am now switching as Kink Den- You can book me as a sub (Amara) and as a Domme (Mistress Priya). I will continue to receive Domme training from Mistress Jasmine Jade to hone and perfect my skills (as is expected of me, and rightfully so) and am very happy and blessed to have this opportunity! I am very excited to now be Switching both Lifestyle and Pro- it's a new chapter in my life and I'm thrilled to be able to explore it.

On top of this, I will now be filming with Mistress Jade every Wednesday!
Any requests or suggestions for content can be directed to my personal email ( and will be taken into consideration. Any and all
feedback is greatly appreciated!

Again, my measurements have changed! I have (since relocating to Toronto in September 2012) gone down from a 46-40-50 and 38D bra to a 42-33-44 and 38D/36DD bra!! I HAVE LOST FOUR INCHES OFF MY CHEST (in a good way, trust me), SEVEN INCHES OFF MY WAIST, and SIX INCHES OFF MY HIPS. I feel stronger, happier, and more confident- and naturally, I now look far more fetching in a corset
Due to this weight loss (currently down 32lbs), I am healthier and more confident in my abilities than I ever have been and will be taking on as many challenges as I can handle in the near future.

Thank you all for your continuing support and outpouring of love.

Photo Update- taken 03/04/2013:

I look forward to seeing/hearing from you in the near future!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Now selling some of my worn lingerie!

Selling this corset to a lovely gent in the UK. Lingerie being sold includes stockings, nylons and hosiery, socks, panties, bras, slips, and corsets- everything from $15 and up, plus shipping.

Inquiries sent to

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Clips4Sale vids up- Store now Completely Open!

Clip list now includes:

-Ass Fetish
-Breast Play
-Playing with Piercings
-Dildo Play
-Pee Fetish

More filming to occur this week- stay tuned!

Requests for upcoming filming can be sent to

Custom videos available as well.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Clips4Sale Store Now Accepting ALL Credit Cards!

My Clips4Sale Store can now accept ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS! No more hassle!


Now including:
-Ass Fetish
-Breast Play/Teasing
-Piercing Show-Off
-Masturbation and SQUIRTING!

If you have any requests for videos, please send them to and I will do my best to accomodate your fetish.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Clips4Sale Store Now Open!

My Clips4Sale now boasts videos of:

-POV Masturbation
-POV Squirting
-POV Piercings
-POV Crushing/Degradation
-POV Peeing/Humiliation
-POV Tit Play
-POV Ass Fetish

If you have any requests for videos, please comment OR send me an email:

Amateur Porn!

I have started filming some Amateur porn!

So far I have some clips catering to solo masturbation fetish, squirting fetish, ass fetish, and piercing fetish. They can all be found in my Clips4Sale Store!

I will be updating my clip store weekly from here on out.

Any requests for clips can be sent to my personal email:!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Clips4Sale Filming with Mistress Jasmine Jade

Next Week I will be filming with my Owner, Mistress Jasmine Jade, for Clips4Sale.
We will be collaborating over the next few days on what to shoot together.

Here is my list of things I (Amara) am personally interested in filming- THE HIGHLIGHTED ONES ARE THE ONES I AM MOST INTERESTED IN:


Categories of Interest:

·       Apron Fetish
·         Arm Wrestling
·       Ass Fetish
·       Barefoot
·         Bastinado
·         Big Butts
·       Big Tits
·         Blouse Fetish
·       Bondage
·         Boss/Employee
·         Bouncing Boobs
·         Bound Orgasms
·       Bra Fetish
·       Bubble Gum
·         Bubbles
·       Caning
·         Clothespins
·         Corporal Punishment
·         Corsets
·         Costumes
·         Crush
·         Crying
·         Curvy
·         Dusting
·         Electric Play
·         Eye Fetish
·         Eyelash Fetish
·       Face Fetish
·         Face Sitting
·       Face Slapping
·       Female Domination
·         Femdom
·         Fetish
·         Fetish Clothing
·       Finger Nail Polishing
·       Fishnets
·         Foot Fetish
·         Forced Kissing
·       Forced Orgasms
·         Fucking Machines
·         Garter and Stockings
·         Hair Brushing
·         Hair Brush Spanking
·         High Heels
·       Hour Glass
·       House Cleaning
·       Interviews
·         Kissing
·         Lingerie
·         Lip Fetish
·       Lipstick Fetish
·         Lollipop Lickers
·         Maid Fetish
·         Makeup
·         Medical Fetish
·       Mind Fuck
·       Office Domination
·       OTK Spanking
·       Panty Fetish
·         Pantyhose/Stockings
·       Piercings
·       Pin Up
·         Punk Rockers
·         PVC-Vinyl
·         Rockabilly
·         Role Play
·         Rope Bondage
·       Secretary
·         Sensual Domination
·         Silk & Satin
·       Skimpy Shirts
·         Slut Training
·         Socks
·         Soles
·       Squirting
·         Strap-On
·         Submissive Sluts
·         Tattoos & Piercings
·       Tit Play
·       Tit Sucking
·       Toe Nail Polish
·         Tongue Fetish
·       Tit Worship
·         Topless
·         Upskirt
·         Vibrator
·       Vintage/Retro Hair
·         Vacuuming
·         Wet T-Shirt
·         Whipping
·       Wide Hips
·         White Booty
·         Wig Fetish
·       Woman Following Orders
·         Yoga Pants

If you'd be interested in seeing any of these happen, please Tweet me (AmaraToronto), message me on FetLife (AmaraToronto), or email me (

Your opinion will definitely be taken into consideration.